Uberdine Catering and Sushi-2

Überdine Pop-Up Dining Experiences in Kansas City

Überdine is the brainchild of Chef Joe Shirley and his wife Carolina. The original concept was a dining experience in the spirit of the Michelin three-star restaurants they dined at in other cities. With the desire to open their own restaurant and be great parents to their son, Joe and Carolina decided to wait until he would graduate from high school. With 2020 on the distant horizon, the two decided to create a company that would provide boutique catering, restaurant consulting, and an amazing pop-up experience on the side with no-full time commitment.

In 2013, the first Überdine dinner was a huge success. With nothing but a personal email address and a Facebook page, Chef Joe built Überdine into an underground, cult supper club. The template is in place using a common theme or concept and coupling it with art and music at a secret location. Chef Joe often uses a product line to inspire his multi-course dinners and empowers local artists to run with the theme. Überdine dinners have been described as “elegant, creative, fun, and non-pretentious.” Joe and Carolina strive to ensure that there is nothing in Kansas City like an Überdine experience, going above and beyond what is expected. Charles Ferruzza, from The Pitch (Kansas City’s alt weekly), calls Joe’s food “artistry on a plate” and “starkly beautiful.”